2017 hip hop champions snatch win from Auckland rivals

Photo by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Media Services

By Caitlan Johnston and Horiana Henderson 



Tauranga Intermediate School have taken out the championship hip hop title at the 14th annual Anchor AIMS Games. 


The dance crew had trained for five hours today before taking the stage, according to manager Carla Beazley. They were up against 24 schools.


AIMS Games performance groups coordinator Sarah Martin said crews from the East Auckland Schools were expected to do well. “East Auckland schools are good,” Martin says. 

But last year’s champions Bucklands Beach Intermediate, an East Auckland school, was pushed back to second equal to make room at the top for Tauraunga Intermediate. Saint Kentigern College, another East Auckland school, tied for the silver medal. 


Both silver medallist routines were choreographed by Royal Family dance crew member Maddy Barnett, who recently returned home from the World Hip Hop Championships in Arizona. The 22-year-old choreographer taught her schools their routines in the two weeks leading up to the competition. 


Beazley was blown away that Tauranga Intermediate managed to wrestle the win from the big city teams. 


“To beat the Auckland teams – it’s such a huge thing,” Beazley says.


The night also saw Maeroa Intermediate awarded 3rd place. Pinehurst Junior School was awarded the outstanding sportsmanship award. 


Earlier in the day, aerobic and cheerleading teams competed. Bucklands Beach Intermediate won both of these divisions. 


  1. As a supporter of yesterdays, cheerleading,& hip hop performances, I was thrilled to hear that Rototuna Junior High School was announced as the team showing great team spirit and support to all other teams. Yes I agree with this because they sure did. However later in the day another school team was announced and presented with medals for the same thing within the hip hop section. Another worthy recipient. But just wondering why it was that the cheerleaders were only announced and acknowledged verbally and the hip hop group were presented with medals. why did that not happen to the cheerleading group? Just asking. Medals are not everything to us adults but by golly they do matter to the kids taking part. can’t all be winners but great sportsmanship is also very important.

  2. I think Saint Kentiern was the best. They had super good facial expressions, their costumes were so cool, and their music was catchy. Their dance was also increadible. 🙂 Good job girls

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