Gymnasts on world stage

NZCT AIMS Games action

NZCT AIMS Games action



by Dasha Kuprienko

Wintec Journalism student


Blake Costley may be light in years but he’s vastly experienced when it comes to trampolining.

The 13-year-old Auckland Normal Intermediate student already has some impressive achievements under his belt, which he added to at the gymnastics competition at the NZCT AIMS Games in Tauranga today.

But even the 8000 students at this year’s tournament didn’t stress Costley too much.

“My biggest achievement would probably be going to the world championships and finishing 19th, ,” he said.

Leading up to world championships, Costley trained 16 hours a week but decided 10hrs per week for the AIMS Games was enough.

And he’s not the only one jumping high in the family – mum Alana Costley has nine world medals in a double mini tramps, while a younger brother is also a national champion and may compete at the AIMS Games in two years’ time.

“He’s looking forward to come here,” Blake said, adding with pride: “Mum won her first world’s when she was eight.”

Alana Costley knows the sport inside out and often trains her children.

“Sometime she coaches us and helps us along but it’s sort of hard coaching your kids because we just muck around,” Costley said.

His good friend and main competition at the AIMS Games, Albany Junior High’s Nathan Monkton, is following in Costley’s footsteps.

Monkton, 13 will represent New Zealand in this year’s world championships.

“I’m really excited,” Monkton said. “I’ve been to Australia before but worlds will be way better.”

The athlete left rugby and basketball for the gym sport about five years ago.

“I used to do team sport, but I just got really competitive and felt like I should go and do a single sport as well, “ he said. “So I can be myself and do what I like.”

Both Monkton and Costley did extremely well in their last AIMS Games and are looking forward to more results on the world stage.


NZCT AIMS Games action
NZCT AIMS Games action
NZCT AIMS Games action
NZCT AIMS Games action