Tamatea lads lapping up netball action

The Tamatea Intermediate netball team. Photo by Christopher Reive
The Tamatea Intermediate netball team.  Photo by Christopher Reive
The Tamatea Intermediate netball team, featuring Clifton Bush and Adam Winnie. Photo by Christopher Reive

by Te Ahua Maitland
Wintec Journalism student

Basketballer Clifton Bush has switched from slam dunks with his mates to stand-and-pass with the ladies.
When his basketball team couldn’t come to the NZCT AIMS Games, the Tamatea Intermediate student decided to cross over to netball.
When asked what it was like playing with girls Bush replied, “Some of them are bossy, and really annoying as well.”
Bush plays in the shooting circle, something that was only natural to him.
“In basketball, I’m just a shooter so it makes sense for me to shoot in netball,” Bush said.
The Year 8 student joins Adam Winnie, another boy in the team.
Both boys played netball in last year’s NZCT AIMS games and hope to better their performance this year and finish higher than 16th.
And the team seem on track to do so.
Coach Sarah McPhee said her team were playing exceptionally well, winning all of their round robin games.
Winnie plays in the defence circle and has picked up a lot of intercepts and rebounds during their round robin games.
“I just like being able to go everywhere and run around,” he said.
The boys said their biggest rivals would be their local opponents, Hastings Intermediate, who they have yet to meet at the tournament.
“In basketball they always beat us, but it’s a close match,” Bush said.
And in netball we’ve played them during our home netball season and lost to them too,” Winnie added.
NZCT AIMS Games rules allows each netball team have a maximum of three boys in their team. Only two boys are allowed on the court at a time, but they cannot play in the same area.
All games are held at the Harbourside Netball Centre with the finals on Friday.