Group performers dazzle at AIMS

Bright lights and big smiles featured at the Group Performance event at ASB Baypark Stadium last night.
Bright lights and big smiles featured at the Group Performance event at ASB Baypark Stadium last night.
Bright lights and big smiles featured at the Group Performance event at ASB Baypark Stadium last night.


By Dasha Kuprienko, Te Ahua Maitland and Christopher Reive

Wintec journalism students

Sparkling costumes, dazzling smiles and smooth dance moves were showcased in the group performance section at this year’s NZCT AIMS Games.
On Monday evening, cheerleading, aerobics and hip hop dancers performed to a packed ASB Baypark Arena audience.
The performances are part of the NZCT AIMS Games, a tournament held for over 8,000 Year 7 and 8 students from all over the country competing in 19 different sporting codes.
Cheerleading kicked off the night with two divisions of difficulty for the schools.
Murrays Bay won the gold medal for division one out of seven schools.
The school featured 33 girls dressed in black, white and gold, who performed well to beat the other seven schools in their division.
The cheerleading team from Farm Cove Intermediate picked up second place on the evening with another Auckland team, Somerville Intermediate, receiving bronze.
Eight more teams participated in a cheerleading second division, which included higher-level elements and level 2 techniques.
The champions came from Buckland’s Beach Intermediate, followed by another Auckland team, Northcross Intermediate. Remuera Intermediate won the bronze medal.
East Auckland’s Somerville Intermediate won the aerobic competition with their in-sync and up-beat routine.
The girl group wore highlighter pink and green outfits and said they all felt “amazing” after winning the event.
Year 8 student Aimee Bell was particularly happy with the result, after competing last year and finishing third.
“We went from fourth to third, skipped second and now first,” Bell explained.
Teams had to perform a 2min routine with a series of requirements including jumping jacks, push-ups and high leg kicks.
“It’s very high intensity, everything is upbeat and fast. It’s strength, flexibility and confidence…. Just a bit of everything,” Bell said.
Coaches Amanda Bush and Laura Furse were ecstatic for the girls considering they had only trained for five weeks.
Farmcove Intermediate finished runner’s up, with Bucklands Beach Intermediate winning bronze.
The final section of the night was hip-hop and it started with a bang.
Pukekohe Intermediate opened the event, throwing down the gauntlet for those who followed.
In a night of the New Zealand intermediate schools’ version of Stomp the Yard, 17 crews battled it out on the main stage.
In the end, it was the local crew from Tauranga Intermediate who went home with the gold medal.
Manaia View School took home the silver medal, with Te Puke Intermediate coming in third.

Division 1: Murrays Bay Intermediate 1, Farm Cove Intermediate 2, Somerville Intermediate 3.
Division 2: Bucklands Beach Intermediate 1, Northcross Intermediate 2, Remuera Intermediate 3.
Somerville Intermediate 1, Farmcove Intermediate 2, Bucklands Beach Intermediate 3.
Hip-Hop dance
Tauranga Intermediate 1, Manaia View School 2, Te Puke Intermediate 3.


NZCT AIMS Games action
NZCT AIMS Games action